1. The Customer shall ensure that it does not accept the deliveryof any Product whose original packaging is damaged or tampered in any manner.In case, of products where color is not mentioned, customer shall receive anycolor which is in stock at the time of ordering and the same cannot be replaced/ returned.

2. Products purchased by a Customer can be Returned / Replaced within 24 hours of the delivery date by placing a“Return Order” or “Replacement Order” request on “” or by sending an email at [email protected] If customer finds that the Product delivered is damaged and/or defective and/or is expired. Returns or Replacement will be entertained only once for each order.

3. In case of Return or Replacement of any Product, the Customerwill ship back such product completely in the same condition as it was received along with all accessories/booklets/freebies etc. There should be no signs ofexternal damage on the packaging, including the original carton. Shipping theproduct back to CELLBUDDY is customer’s responsibility and liability. As soon as the customer ships the product, a scanned copy of the AWB should besent at [email protected] so that we can track the return. The Customer should retain the said acknowledgment andquote or produce the same in all future communications with CELLBUDDY, in this regard.

4. Any replacement/exchange shall be processed only where theProduct is available and in all other cases, the Customer will be provided witha refund along with shipping charges, if any actually paid by the Customer duringorder in relation to such Product.

5. CELLBUDDY will make reasonable endeavour that any eligible refund / credit note is initiated within 15 days of receipt of returned products. The approved refund amount will be credited to Customer’s bank account/refunded into credit card or debit card account as the case may be within such time as taken by banking channels to process such refund.

6. Order once placed on can be requested for cancellation if the order is not dispatched for delivery by placing “Cancel Order” request on “” or by sending an email at [email protected] CELLBUDDY reserves the right to reject the cancellation request and in its sole discretion may decide appropriately after taking into consideration the product category, whether purchased by CELLBUDDY against the Order, whether products are proprietary in nature, whether customised on special request of customer, whether significant cost isincurred by CELLBUDDY to arrange delivery of Product etc. If cancellation request is rejected by CELLBUDDY after providingadequate reasons, Customer will be obliged to accept delivery and make payment against the product(s). If the order is requested for cancellation after payment has been processed, and if cancellation is approved by CELLBUDDY, the said amount will be refunded in accordance with above mentioned process.

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